DynaExec helps clients solve problems, increase sales, & improve profits with software & services.

Why DynaExec - DynaExec provides fractional business, sales, and marketing leadership as well as tools that accelerate revenues while maximizing margins.

How we help - A 25+ year veteran VP of Sales will work closely with your leadership team to provide comprehensive go-to-market strategies and marketing by evaluating current processes, infrastructure, and sales organization while leveraging expertise to enhance or improve the current sales strategy and plan.


For information - info@dynaexec.com

DynaExec will build and manage sales organization including pipeline, software, tools, distributors, channels, lead generation, partnerships and direct sales for North America. 

  • DynaExec will edit and develop content for CRM tools such as Salesforce.com to manage the pipeline and business.
  • Create business management tools such as QBR format and business plans.
  • Write official job descriptions for sales roles and technical support roles. 
  • Diagnose other areas to improve as needed.

  • Collaborate with existing marketing team or provide marketing team to refine messaging and create appropriate sales tools.
  • Leverage Social Media outlets such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and facebook to market technology and identify leads.
  • Diagnose other areas to improve as needed.

Software and Tools
DynaExec provides consulting services by experts in sales, business, and vertical specific areas that will give "outsider" insight while becoming an extension of your existing Leadership Team.
Tools such as CRM, Asset Management, Beacons, Customer Experience including CX and PX (Patient Experience), Human Capital, and more are being added each day.  DynaExec is a one-stop shop for all your business management needs.